Surviving domestic violence invites everyone to understand that no-one has to remain a victim but can instead choose to be a survivor! Often domestic violence is perceived as an unfortunate, inevitable life situation that cannot be changed or escaped from! You can, however, fight back and receive the most rewarding prizes that you deserve; the gifts of safety, choice and freedom within your relationships. This is a practical, down to earth guide, detailing what domestic violence is, how to recognise it, as well as the strategies to follow to be able to successfully break free, get your life back, become happy and liberated, and ready to make up for lost time! Freedom is worth fighting for, and the rest of your life starts now!

You will learn how to:

(1) Identify what is domestic violence

(2) Learn how to practically break free)

(3) Learn what is a healthy relationship

(4) Understand the different agencies that provide help and support

(5) Become equipped to survive, conquer and get your life back

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